Save Historic Cemeteries


Across the country, grassroots organizations are springing up in small towns and in big cities to take care of historic cemeteries.

In Wyckoff, volunteers, along with scout troops, often work together to help beautify and restore this beautiful cemetery. Because historic cemeteries are a part of our collective history, and their gravestones tell stories of people who once lived and worked in our town, protecting and saving these stones is so important.

One such headstone can be found in the Wyckoff Reformed Church Cemetery. Albert Van Voorhis (1738–1825) lived in the Zabriskie House. He and his wife, Yanithy are buried along side the church. Albert, an attorney, fought in the Revolutionary War. His resting place is adorned with a memorial medallion commemorating his service. A clear protective coating covers his sandstone marker so that water will not leach into the stone. All are welcome to stroll through the cemetery to take in the history that is here.

Weather is hard on stones. Sometimes the stones fall over. A group, Friends of the Wyckoff Reformed Church Cemetery, gather monthly straightening, cleaning, and standing up stones that have toppled.

Donations and volunteers are always welcome. You can contact the Wyckoff Reformed Church at 201-891-1782 or the Cemetery Superintendent 201-847-1889 for more information.

Wyckoff Girl Scout Troop 24 raised money and donated to the Cemetery.

Friends of the Wyckoff Reformed Church Cemetery help to keep the historic headstones intact.